First developed around the 30s, the double is a peculiar textile manufacturing process that involves three elements: two weaves and one warp or viceversa. This particular process makes the fabric extremely versatile and each garment crafted with this fabric can be easily worn inside out. Its extreme manufacturing complexity requires a deep knowledge and an established expertise of the processes that define the double as a precious and extremely refined tailoring element.

Adopted by Dior for the 1947 Corolla collection, the double fabric have been developed further by fashion powerhouses and designers until recent days.

From Mila Schon to Valentino, from Lagerfeld to Jil Sander, a lot of stylists contributed to the evolution of double by bonding different fabrics such as wool and nylon or different color and pattern variations of the same fabric.

Generations of masters of the double, today Sartoria Brizzi presents a contemporary approach to this process by blending the deep manufacturing expertise with innovation and textile research.